The Learning Center

When we were offered the opportunity to rebrand a local charter school, we knew it was going to be a gratifying project.

Now known as The Learning Center, this non-profit charter school for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, was in dire need of a new look and feel.  The administrative regime changed hands and it was time for a fresh, new beginning!

First and foremost came the logo design.  After presenting about 15 different options based on their completion of our design questionnaire, we were able to narrow it down to the perfect one.  Next came finalizing the color scheme, as this was integral to the upcoming new website.  Blues are significant when speaking of autism, so we wanted to keep along that color vein, but added a pop of brightness in the two-toned sun.

Second step was to design an informational and user-friendly website.  This would be the hub of all information pertaining to the school itself – along with information about the board members, how to apply to the school, as well as helpful resources for parents and teachers alike. View Site!

Keeping with the blue puzzle piece theme, the site came to life rather quickly.  Integrating icons for easy recognition of portions of the page helped with the usability and added to the overall design.  Creating the fillable application made it that much easier for prospective families to type in their information, print the form and send it off to the school.

An interactive calendar keeps the parents, board members, and community apprise of the school’s happenings.

Next on the docket was to create some buzz about the school and boost school spirit.  Polo shirts, car magnets and lanyards were made with the school logo.

The creation of a dual-purpose packet was next!  The school needed a packet that they could hand out to potential donors or new families looking to join the school.   Creating a two-pocket folder to house inserts filled with information (about the school, the board, a monthly calendar, and important resources) was the way to go.  If the recipient were a donor, in addition they would receive the donation sheet – as opposed to the family, who would receive a newly rebranded Admissions Packet.

Events were scheduled so we designed an informative flyer to hand out during the event along with a branded banner and tablecloth for their booth.