How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Brand

social media platforms

When you meet someone at a social or networking event and tell them about your brand, the first thing they’re going to do when they get home is look you up online. You want that search to reveal what you do and how great you are at doing it.

Be Choosy About Social Media

Not all social media platforms are right for your brand. In my previous posts, Social Media 101 Parts 1 and 2, I provided specific information about each major social media outlet so you can assess which platforms are a fit for your brand.

In order to choose the right ones, you have to know the type of client you’re trying to attract. Let’s take a look at a few examples.


Say you’re a speech pathologist starting your own business with the goal to become a national or world brand. In this case, you’d want to start with LinkedIn because it will quickly communicate your expertise, experience and professionalism.


While I don’t particularly like Facebook’s algorithm, using Facebook is a must. Why? Because everyone else is using it. My father is seventy-two years old and he’s on Facebook all the time.

Whether you’re a speech pathologist or a charter school, Facebook provides an easy way to communicate information to the people interested in learning more about you.

Facebook Live has opened up a whole new world when it comes to one of the most popular post types – video.  Now you can share with your audience via video just about anything, any time!

SnapChat and Instagram.

I know quite a few people who use SnapChat regularly. Personally, I would sooner use Instagram because there’s something about SnapChat that feels pushy and when it comes to marketing, I don’t like to push. Now that Instagram has stories, I recommend it even more so!

Posts on Instagram do well, but to be honest, their capture rate isn’t that great. They don’t communicate history nearly as well as a LinkedIn presence. For certain companies, that might be extremely important.


Pinterest is also a great way to link your brand to related information, especially if you have beautiful images that can accompany the information. In fact, people are beginning to use Pinterest as a search engine when they’re looking for “how-to” information.


Of course Twitter is a necessary evil. And while I don’t love using it, it’s easy enough to connect your Twitter account to Facebook so that you can use only one and still remain active on both.


Periscope is another good video option because it allows people to be right there with you, seeing your brand through your eyes.

The Power of Social Media

The Internet has given us a lot of freedom and provided numerous opportunities to market ourselves and our businesses. People do their research now and they do it very quickly.

If you’re already on LinkedIn, that’s great. But what’s next? Do you plan to post something new every day? Or does it make more sense for your business to use Instagram for more regular posts?

The bottom line is this: social media really does work to bring in more business. Sometimes it’s as simple as word of mouth. If someone likes a post on Facebook, they’re essentially advertising for you to their friends.

Figuring out which platforms are a fit for your brand is a great first step towards building a successful business. If you would like personalized help in this arena, contact us to set up a consultation with a marketing specialist.