Why We Love Bloggers (And You Should, Too!)


There are a myriad of ways to advertise your business.  Commonly known options include:

  • Print – newspapers, magazines
  • Direct mail
  • Out of Home – billboards, bus stations, movie theater trailers, etc.
  • Online – banner ads, social media platform ads, email

All of the options have the ability, when executed properly to make the phones ring – but what about bloggers?  How can bloggers help you prosper?

Did you know that bloggers make up one of the top five sources of trustworthy information (source)?

Bloggers ARE Influencers

Bloggers are considered mid-level influencers in that they may not be the social media superstars with millions of followers like celebrities, but in most cases their followers are loyal and take the blogger’s advice into deep consideration when making buying decisions.

If you’re looking for some social media superstars who know their way around Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., then you do not need to look further than the blogger community.  These ladies and gents get their word out via social media platforms.  After posting about a new product or event, they hit the social media pavement running – promoting the new post on Facebook, sharing beautiful photos on Instagram and tweeting out 140 characters or less – all trying to bring readers to their site.  These readers could be your next customer.

What is a Blog Post?

A blog post can be compared to a news article but with a different, more personal touch to it.  Most bloggers will create a story around a certain product they are promoting by offering relatable tips and tricks.  For example:

Your company produces Sunny brand sunscreen and you opt to promote your product with a blogger, that blogger may write a post about the top 10 reasons you should protect your skin – one of them being applying Sunny sunscreen.  More than likely there will be a link to your product page, along with social media links at the end of the post, directing readers to learn more about your product and company.  (Of course there will also be the appropriate disclaimers for sponsored content as well.)

Interested in connecting with bloggers to get the word out about your brand or a new product on the market?  Connect with us and we’ll show you the way!